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Core Concepts:


During the last several chapters, we have established what the MVC pattern is and how to work with it using the ASP.NET Core framework. We have even started to create small projects to demonstrate how various things work - they can all be combined to create a non-trivial website.

Um das zu erreichen, haben wir zunächst einiges ausgelassen, da diese Dinge ein bisschen zu schwer oder technisch für den Anfang waren. Ich wollte zuerst, dass du das große Potential von ASP.NET Core verstehst und wie einfach es ist damit zu arbeiten, bevor wir die Dinge technischer angehen.

In the next articles we'll do a bit of catch-up on some of the core concepts of the ASP.NET Core Framework. We'll dig a bit deeper to talk about those things that you likely won't need at first, but which will come in handy later on. Read on to learn more!

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