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What is MVC?
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What is ASP.NET MVC?
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ASP.NET MVC vs. Web Forms
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Getting Started
Visual Studio Community
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Hello, MVC World!
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Creating a Controller
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Creating a View
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Creating a Model
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Basic Razor syntax
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IF Statements
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Loops Not started
Introduction Not started
Actions Not started
Action Results Not started
Introduction Not started
View Discovery: Connecting Controller & View Not started
Passing data into Views Not started
Partial Views Not started
Introduction Not started
Layout Files Not started
The ViewStart file Not started
Sections Not started
The ViewImports file Not started
Introduction Not started
The anatomy of an MVC Route Not started
Attribute routing Not started
Introduction Not started
ViewModels Not started
Model Binding Not started
DataAnnotations Not started
Model Validation Not started
Types of Model Validation DataAnnotations Not started
Custom Model Validation Not started
Introduction Not started
Query String (GET data) Not started
Forms (POST data) Not started
Cookies Not started
Introduction Not started
ResponseCache Not started
OutputCache Not started